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Cooking Camp/Workshop Girls

Design My Birthday Cake offers an assortment of Kids Cooking Camps throughout the year in Orlando. Our Kids Cooking Camps are designed to encourage child development and expose children to various cooking techniques at a young age. We have different camps depending on the age of the child or teenager. Classes are divided into morning, evening, and all day sessions and last 5 days. We offer Spring, Summer, Thanksgiving, and Winter themed camps throughout the year. We can develop a camp to specifically meet your needs. If you are looking for a wonderful way to help your child grow in the fine art of baking and cooking our Kids Cooking Camps are an amazing resource!

Spring Kids Cooking Camp

Madeleine Cookies

  • Cookie Decorating
  • Pizza Baking
  • Pie Baking
  • Bread Baking

At our Spring Kids Cooking Camp your child will learn how to make some of your favorite Spring dishes. First we will start off with baking and decorating cookies for Easter and the Spring season. We will create a variety of yummy Royal Icing Cookies formed into all your favorite Spring Holiday shapes and colors. Then we will spend some time learning how to make pizza completely from scratch. We will teach your child how to make a tasty pizza crust and shape it into a perfect circle. Then we will teach the proper techniques for adding a variety of fresh vegetables and meats. Next we will spend time learning how to make pie crust. Once your child has mastered pie crust, we will make an assortment of delicious fruit pies. Lastly, we will focus on the art of baking bread. We will teach your child to bake a perfect loaf of bread that comes out warm, full, and flavorful every time!

Summer Kids Cooking Camp

American Flag Birthday Cake

  • Crêpes
  • Cookie Baking
  • Pie & Quiche Baking
  • Fondant Decorating

Design My Birthday Cake’s Summer Kids Cooking Camp offer an assortment of great summer recipes. We will begin the Orlando summer season learning how to make crêpes. We will explain the whole process from start to finish. Your child will learn how to make the batter with the right consistency then the proper techniques to make a firm delicious crepe. Next we will learn how to bake all those delicious cookies you grew up with as a child. Then we will spend some time learning how to bake fruit pies and quiches which are perfect for any summer evening. Finally, the classes will teach your child how to decorate with Fondant Icing, an incredibly versatile icing technique to make any cake look like it belongs in a fairy tale.

Thanksgiving Kids Cooking Camp

Fall Thanksgiving Harvest Cupcakes

  • Pumpkin Pie
  • Harvest Bread Baking
  • Cake Decorating
  • Cupcake Decorating

Thanksgiving Kids Cooking Camp is an amazing program dedicated to making some of your favorite homemade dishes. This Camp is the prefect activity to help your child continue to learn and grow over the holiday break in Orlando. We will teach your child how to make a moist flavorful pumpkin pie. They will learn how to make a perfect pie crust and a delicious pumpkin filling from scratch. Next, your child will learn how to bake a variety of Harvest breads perfect for any fall occasion. They will gain expertise in the art of mixing, kneading, rising, and baking breads. Then we will teach your child how to decorate various types of cakes and cupcakes for the fall season. After this camp, your child will be equipped to bring the dish to your extended-family’s Thanksgiving dinner.

Winter Kids Cooking Camp

Dreidel, Start of David, Snowflake, Menorah, Mitten Sugar Cookies

  • Holiday Cookie Decorating
  • Mousse Making
  • Holiday Bread Baking
  • Candy Molding

Our Winter Kids Cooking Camp is a phenomenal opportunity for your child to spend the Orlando Holiday Break learning many valuable life skills—who doesn’t want to know how to bake all those scrumptious holiday treats! We will start off by teaching your child how to decorate Winter themed cookies. They will learn a variety of decorating techniques that will enhance your family’s Holiday celebrations for years to come. Then we will teach them the art of making a fluffy flavorful mousse. They will learn how to make small batches of a variety of different styles of mousse. Next, your child will learn how to bake various winter breads and cakes. Then to top it all off, your child will learn how to do a variety of candy molding techniques. We will focus on holiday style candy molding, but the techniques your child will learn can be used in most any candy molding. Your child will thank you for a lifetime for all the baking tricks and techniques they will learn at our Winter Kids Cooking Camp.

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